Digital Marketing

Websites & Apps

Whether you are a start-up or well-established website is an integral part of your business. This gives the first impression of your business as well as the best way to generate more leads. We just don’t design a website, but we build it for you, like any world-renowned architecture is built brick by brick we give importance to every minute detail of your website making it the best suitable for your business.

We understand your expectation, write the content for you, build a demo and host it live, we make sure you are actively involved in every step by maintaining high degree of transparency.

Our designers work in the latest platforms available to accommodate even a complex graphics you want in a simpler way. The websites we design are mobile first designs, with graphics not more or less than the actual need, interactive content and will have good speed.

We also offer website redesigning and maintenance services.

Creative Content

Content writing and converting that into a creative design is an art and is an very important aspect for marketing your business, Our team of experienced content writers makes this job a easy one for you.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the easiest ways available today to enhance the brand exposure. The only key to use this medium effectively is to produce content which will catch the attention of users.

Social media marketing offers multiple benefits such as better targeting, better Return of Investment, better customer relationship, can drive traffic to website as well improve walk-in, indirectly contributes to better search engine ranking, mass brand awareness with customized reach.

Pay per click

Pay per click activity is a type of sponsored online advertising that is used on a wide range of websites including search engines, where we pay only for the clicks made on the ad. This involves bidding strategy on selected keywords which are related to the business. PPC is very effective because of the following reasons including faster results, used as a tool of search engine optimization and offers targeting at micro level.

Software Solutions

Whether it is a software to track your customers, monitor performance of your staffs or secure the patient data your need is unique and should be the software you use. We offer unique & user-friendly software solutions.

Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimization is the process of getting traffic from the free, organic, editorial or natural listings on search engines. In India Google is the major search engine (around 98%) which is used for searching results including webpages and local listing are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users. Main purpose of doing SEO is to have better visibility of website, it is useful when social media presence is negligible.

Other channels

With increased mobile users and seamless data connectivity WhatsApp & E-Mail marketing remains as instant tool of mass as well as customized reach. Traditional SMS Marketing too has its value when you intend to provide an information or update about your business to masses. We offer all 3 services and a detailed report of each activity you undergo.