Video Marketing In 2021

Video Marketing In 2021

Covid has made everyone’s life a hassle and being at home has made people have more time on their hands now and undoubtedly people spend a lot of time on their mobile in Social Media.

This is a significant phase for marketers to create more attention among people. Marketing has become exquisite now and everyone has their unique marketing strategies since people demand more content. People are viewing more video content on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube now more than ever.

Marketers use videos to humanize their brand or business to connect with the customers. B2B businesses are realizing the actual price that video can carry to an advertising campaign. The message retained by a video is higher than the message retained by a text since videos are visually attractive it reaches people’s eyes captivating their minds and the message is delivered without compulsion. As the industries became crowded and competitive especially during this pandemic, video acted as one of the most important tools for creating customer interaction at each level of the inbound funnel. The developing significance of videos has made entrepreneurs and marketers integrate video marketing as a marketing strategy to drive traffic and to draw and convert leads. 89% of video marketers say they get a good return on investment from videos. (Wyzowl 2020)

While creating videos make sure you answer these questions.

  • Who’s your target audience?
  • What is your goal?
  • What are the content and the creative elements to be added?
  • Where’s your video going to be live?

Editing tools have become more user-friendly now and all you have to make sure of, is whether the video delivers the product or service effectively. Since videos create an existence in the minds of the customers who are skeptical about purchasing online, videos would take them to the next step. Videos help customers understand your brand and create more engagement. If you want your message to be absorbed, video is the significant platform you need to choose. If you find that live-action videos being expensive in that case switching to animation videos might be a lot cheaper.

Since Youtube is owned by Google, there is a significant growth in the videos, and how they affect the Search Engine Ranking. If you have video ads on your site the time a customer spends on your site also increases this will bring in better rankings.

Vertical videos have more completion rate because people mostly view content on their phones so marketers are making mobile-friendly content, that is why Instagram reels are one of the most performing video platforms currently. Did you know that Instagram increased reels duration to 60 secs? If you didn’t know ask Google god now. It is also important to keep your video content intact and short.

As nicely as growing sales, video can assist with customer support and decrease aid calls, at the same time as B2B entrepreneurs, can use video to proportion product information, growing leads, and conversion.

The journey of creating a video marketing campaign needs huge effort and implementation and if you are finding it hard, don’t worry we have a video creation team at Cortex who might bring out the best for your brand. All you have to do is reach us now, to Boost your business through video marketing.