Why Is Instagram Loved ?

Why Is Instagram Loved ?

As per 2020 there are 1 Billion active users on Instagram and majority of the users were aged between 18-34. Hence Instagram has younger and wider crowd making it a potential marketing platform. Today we could see thousands of people being an Influencers and Digital creators on Instagram because of the importance Instagram has gained over the years. The main advantage of Instagram over other social networks lies in its visual characteristics. Instagram permits you to make your content through photos and videos much more effectively than any other social media platforms.

Profile – Let Me Show You, Who I Am.

Creating an interesting profile goes a long way in Instagram. If you have a brand website add it to your bio. You could tell about yourself, your interests and so on, switch to professional account and adding the respective domains gives you a significant brand image. Added to it, you could also get verified on Instagram but there are certain criterions for it.

Stories – Wouldn’t You Love To Hear One?

Updating stories and letting people know what we are doing at the moment has been a daily routine now, using various aesthetics to create stories, creating minimalistic storylines, adding fonts , stickers, gifs, locations and tagging people, brands adding behind the scenes, all these has made Instagram more interesting and sound. Inspired from Snapchat, Instagram also added various graphic filters which was loved by people, particularly women.

Reels Are Shorter Movies

Inspired from Tiktok, Instagram created Reels, where people can make short videos utilizing audio, filters, effects and so on. So when you create a content and post it as reels, Instagram algorithm will make it reach to people with similar interests. Reels help boost your views and thereby adding followers. But still content is the king , it all depends on how much value you show to the audience. People could share, like and now they could also do remix to your reels and add their content too.

Hashtag Culture

Adding hastags to everything has become an obsession now. Adding hashtags to your feed drives you more visibility and reach. In Instagram you could add upto 30 hashtags. If your page has less followers use less common hashtags so that your posts gets better visibility and prevent it from getting accumulated amidst the crowd. If your page has more followers use king hashtags which has tagged along millions of posts.

Engagement- Come On Let Us Shake Hands.

Instagram insights could give you an easy understanding of audience engagements. Helps you to target better demographics, People could give you hearts which is Instagram’s way of liking your pictures, you could share and save the posts if it’s a public account. And Instagram is a mobile first platform since people are on the phone all the time which gives more user time compared to other social media platforms.

The continuous improvements and updates Instagram provides its users and its mobile friendly nature and scrolling through feeds culture has made people to fall in love with Instagram.

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