Why Having An SSL Certificate Is Important

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SSL certificate makes the website secure which means they switch from HTTP to HTTPS. HTTPS is an application layer protocol that stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure is the secure version of HTTP the primary protocol that sends data from a web browser and a website combined with Secure Socket Layer (SSL)/Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol. This secured version increases the security of data transfer by encryption.

The certificate will be authorized by the Certificate Authority (CA). A CA is an outdoor organization, a relied third party, that generates and offers SSL certificates. The CA will sign the certificates digitally with their private key. The certificate makes the encryption feasible and holds the identity of the website and the public key. The certificate is essential to encrypt the internet traffic and to verify the identity of the server. Having an SSL certificate makes sure the website is not fraudulent, your website is authenticated by the SSL certificate by verifying the server which owns the domain so it prevents spoofing.

An SSL certificate comprises of

  • Domain Name that the certificate was issued for
  • Details- Organisation, person, and the device it was issued
  • Authority – Who issued the certificate
  • Digital Signature of the Certificate Authority
  • Date of issue of the certificate
  • Subdomains associated
  • Public Key (The private key is disclosed)

Having an SSL every bit of your content is encrypted. Authentication and encryption are part of an SSL certificate, another significant result is that SSL certificates favor earning and building the customer’s trust. The smooth demarcation between HTTP and HTTPS makes it feasible for people to understand the difference between a secured one and one that has a probability of a breach. SSL certificates can only be installed after going through a series of verification.

PCI-compliant is the only website allowed to receive online payments. If you have an eCommerce site, you ought to make sure you are well aware of PCI/DSS requirements. SSL certificate stands as the number one requirement for the price setup. Your Google ranking also will be better if your website is secured. That is why we make sure all our client’s websites are secured with an SSL certificate we never want to take chances on our client’s reputations. That is why we are one of the Best Digital Marketing companies in Chennai.

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