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Exclusive service of website development and website redesigning from basics to interactive interfaces, from redesigning to website maintenance, from corporate to e-commerce websites, everything at one destination – Cortex Media Marketing.

Web Designing

Web Designing

Company in Chennai

Cortex Media Marketing is a well-known web design and development company in Chennai that offers a wide range of web design services, such as personalized web design and website redesign.

“We replicate the demands of your website”

Our primary goal is to create original, solution-driven web designs that ensure success. Cortex Media Marketing aids in establishing the market presence of your business and in achieving its objectives. We are the top web development company in Chennai, and we can help, direct, and support you as you build your online business. Whether you want to launch your own company or grow your brand, we have thoughtfully created concepts that will simply assist you in moving forward.

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Services offered by cortex

Services offered by cortex

As A Web Designing Company

UI/UX Design

To accurately display sophisticated technical products, we make sure to design an extremely interactive and engaging user interface. The entire process, from product design to branding, usability to interactive interface, is designed to meet the needs of the client.

Responsive Website

The goal of responsive web design is to create web pages that appear excellent on all devices! A responsive web design will adapt to changing screen sizes and viewports automatically.

E-Commerce Website

We believe in providing a one-of-a-kind e-commerce website that leverages the power of brand and analytics to create a memorable experience that captures customers' attention and earns their loyalty for lifetime.

Wordpress Website

Our WordPress website designers in Chennai works with code to create designs that emphasise branding and visual components. Though the theme and website design are widely available, various functionality and plugins are not.

Landing Page Designing

We create engaging landing pages based on the type of brand and its target demographic, website visitors. These factors are considered while designing to convert audience into productive and revenue-generating leads.

Static And Dynamic Website

A static website has a consistent content, where every viewer sees the same thing on every page. A dynamic website is one in which content is pulled in real time, allowing it to change with the user.

Features provided by web designing

Features provided
by a web designing company

for high engagement and revenue

Mobile friendly websites

Majority of the audience access websites through mobile. Therefore having a mobile friendly website is a must.

Responsive designing interface

Having a quick responsive interface can help customer retention to a greater level because people do not like waiting while the interface is under loading process.

Website loading speed

Website loading speed is one of the major reasons for the success/failure of the website. The loading speed of the website is as important as the content of the website.

Easy Call to Action Button

Having an easily noticeable call to action button helps people react quicker than anything. We make sure these call to action button are placed accordingly to grab immediate customer’s attention.

Social Media connects

It is completely true that any website is incomplete without a social media connection. We ensure that social media connections are made and shared through your website for maximum engagement.

Easy customer service access

Providing simple access to customer support boosts your company's value and confidence with your customers.



Our Clients are our strength, we are waiting to add your organization name in this fast growing list



Our Clients are our strength, we are waiting to add your organization name in this fast growing list

Your domain name should be the same as, or as close to, your brand name as possible. You don't want individuals who type in your domain name to be directed to a website with a different name.

A professionally developed website could take between five and six months to design and implement.

Cortex Media Marketing is the best web designing company in chennai stands out from the competition due of our cost-effective prices and superior product quality. We have a track record of success and produce work that is above and above.

This completely depends upon the type of interface, size and industrial sector of the website. Contact us today to get a personalized estimate for your website designing.

A website redesign can take 45 to 90 days or more, depending on the complexity of the project and the needs that the website must meet. Web design can appear to be a dark art at times, and a complete redesign can appear to be a scary idea.

We will require from you a full company profile, including USP, product descriptions, services offered, premium photos, testimonials, and contact information before we can begin web design.

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