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Chennai Marathon

Unleashing Social Media Magic:
Freshworks Chennai Marathon’s
Digital Triumph!


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The Freshworks Chennai Marathon, also known as the FCM, is an annual running event held in Chennai, India. It's considered one of the top marathons in the country and has steadily grown in popularity since its inception in 2009.

Running Without Borders: The FCM Goes Virtual

Picture the grandeur of the Freshworks Chennai Marathon, a lively event uniting 25,000 participants. Our mission? Transform this marathon into a digital sensation that echoes beyond the track.

Crafting the Success Story

Our secret ingredients – real-life connections, memes, moment marketing, funny relatable moments with music, capturing emotions with personalized names, vernacular marketing, and creating hype through expose and activities.

  • Crowd Connection: We turned 25,000 participants into stars, placing them at the heart of our social media narrative.
  • Everyday Moments: Guided by insights, we showcased the thrill of crossing the finish line and the joy of community, turning mundane moments into memorable social media stories.
  • Memes & Humour: Injecting humour into our strategy with relatable memes and funny moments accompanied by catchy, relatable music.

By the Numbers:

Breaking it down simply:

  • 51,000+ Organic Reach: More eyes on the marathon than ever before.
  • 85% Non-Follower Reach: New faces joining the conversation.
  • 6,00,000+ Impressions: The marathon’s digital footprint echoing far and wide.
  • 273% Increase in Engagement: A digital crowd cheering louder than the physical one.

Cortex is an Integrated Digital and Marketing Solution Agency in Chennai, India.

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In the Real World:

Our strategy wasn’t just about numbers; it was about capturing the essence of the marathon. Live content brought the race into living rooms, and the engagement wasn’t just clicks but cheers from the digital sidelines. Even those who didn’t run felt the urge to be part of the next year’s excitement.

Why This Matters:

This isn’t just a case study; it’s a glimpse into the future of moment marketing. We turned the Freshworks Chennai Marathon into more than just a run – it became a digital narrative woven into real-life scenarios.

Ready to Relive the Marathon?

Dive into our case study for an intimate look at how we transformed a marathon into a story that endures. Our approach is rewriting the rules of social media success, one real-life connection, meme, and moment at a time!